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You're the BEST! View Product. Your Weekly Subscription will ship on Saturday, October 26th. There will be 3 Sunday Coupon Inserts issued on View Product Pick Options. New Arrivals. Fortunately, Halloween candy coupons are here to help. What kinds are available? Where do you find them? A big dinner for family and friends is at the heart of any Thanksgiving celebration. However, the long grocery list of food that is necessary for entertaining is expensive.

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Sorry for the postpone yesterday of our coupon class. The Kroger mega event threw us all off! There was so much to post on all the good deals and trying to help everyone figure out how to shop the sale took up the day! Day 7 of our coupon class is going to be all Walmart. Are you ready?! We will start with Walmart today.

Walmart is the 1 retailer in the country. As much as I love Target, I am in Walmart a lot more. The Walmart coupon policy had a major overhaul in It became very coupon friendly and added the element of overage which is really cool. It is always very important to print a copy of the policy and have it with you when you are shopping there. These are some of the most common questions iheartthemart and I get asked about Walmart.

You can use a coupon and price match! Walmart wants you to get the same deal at Walmart that you can get at another store. You could get a better deal at the other store! Sometimes when I have explained o that way to a cashier they realize how silly it is to not let you use the coupon. Walmart will ad match any local competitor. It is up to the manger to decide who they consider a competitor. One store by me will match the Dollar Stores and another wont.

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It is best to simply ask your manager if they price match a store in your area that you are interested in. They do NOT match an online ad for any store. Most locations have begun to discontinue their Ad Matching policy so be sure to ask before checking out. There is not a limit on coupons you can use at Walmart. In the Walmart coupon policy it is clear that they allow overage in the form of cash back. That is why you carry the coupon policy with you.

If you have problems you need to call Walmart and ask them to help you fix it. I was not planning on doing this post… But I hear this all day long every day. I am a firm believer in following the coupon policy and letting mangers make decisions for their own stores. This is often said when they are unsure of the current policy or want an excuse to not accept a coupon, issue that you might have. That gives me the chance to pull the current one out of my binder to show them what it says.

The Walmart policy does NOT state that you can not use a coupon on a price match item. I have called a LOT and each time they have told me that they do. Should they ever come out with a statement, or policy that says they will not do both. Price Matching is dead. There is no point. What an awesome way to save some time and money! The idea is that you can use the sales ads from the other stores to get the same price on the SAME item at Walmart. The ad match guarantee says you do not have to have your ad with you.

I bring mine anyway to avoid any hassle. Make a list of the items and prices. Check to see what coupons you have or can print to match up with these sales.

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Take a look at the price matching policy. Go shopping! Most will require that you have them. You can only use a current ad. I always place items that I am NOT price matching on the belt first. That is what you are allowed to do at Walmart. So some deals are better done at the store that has it in the ad. There is a new app at Walmart that will help you save some money.

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It was supposed to start August 4th but the Savings Catcher was busting at the seems and actually rolled out August 1st in many areas. What this app does is allow you to scan your receipt and Walmart checks to see if you could have saved any money at your area stores. If you could have it will give you the difference back.

I really love this program and what it means for the casual shopper, for coupon and price matching pros like us I think it is a scorecard and a safety net.

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It is so simple to use and reaches so many stores. When I submitted my receipt from my regular Walmart Savings Catcher said it was comparing prices from 99, yes 99 different stores!! I submitted a receipt from a Walmart a little further south and it had a whopping stores it was checking, WOW that is a lot of stores! I was actually really excited about this because I am a price matching fool baby!!! Yes, you can still Ad Match. Day 6 is here and we will be talking about couponing at the drug stores.

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  4. I have such a love for CVS and think it is the easiest drug store to get started couponing at. It is pretty easy to understand and the cashiers are mostly helpful. The very first thing you need to do is have a CVS card. You can get one online or right in the store and use it that day. They can be used on everything else in the store. The first thing to do when you walk into the store is scan your CVS card at the red box that looks like a price scanner, well, it is also a price scanner. You want these because they can be combined with manufacturer coupons for an even better deal.

    Then find coupons that can be used along with these sales. OR, check my blog on Saturday mornings and I do the match-ups for you! The bottom of your receipt will keep track of your purchases and your limits for you.

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    To make the most of your trip you will want to make a few transactions. Yes, you will actually place sometimes on the counter, pay for them and then right then do another transaction. I will either tell them I am making multiple transactions, or if it is busy I will go tot the back of the line and wait my turn again. Now, since this is only a limit of 1, you cannot buy this deal again and have the ECBs print out.

    Since this deal is a limit of 3, you could do this deal two more times and ECBs will print out. CVS is really fun to shop at when you get the hang of it! Then try a little more the next week. One of my best tips is to follow someone who shops the store well! Make sure you are following her! There are a few more things you need to know when shopping at CVS:. But to be honest it can be a little more than frustrating and CVS is much easier.

    If you are new I always suggest starting at CVS and once you have the hang of that, then try Walgreens. Walgreens has a customer care program that they call Register Rewards, they also have the Balance Rewards Points program that started last fall.

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    You will need to get a points card, and you can register for that online at Walgreens. Register Rewards RR print out like catalina coupons when you get your receipt. Here are some things you need to know:.